Trends: Wedding Cake

Cake is a long-standing tradition in the world of weddings. However, the look, taste, and options have increased and continue to change! We asked a few local bakeries to tell us about the different cake trends and the benefits of each. Oh My Cupcakes, Sugar’s Baked Goods and Sweets, and Taylor'd Cakes have some excellent advice and delicious options!

Cupcakes by Oh My Cupcakes!

“Cupcakes are a wonderful option for a wedding because you don’t have the mess of the traditional cake and the resulting crumbs. It’s also not necessary to have someone stand watch at the cake table anymore. Cupcakes are easy individual portions and you can choose from a variety of flavors to please your wedding guests’ palates and your own. A traditional cutting cake can be placed at the top of your cupcake tower as well so you can still take part in the traditional cake cutting.”


Dessert Bar by Sugar’s Baked Goods and Sweets

“Recent years have seen brides and grooms move away from many of the established wedding norms and instead create a celebration that reflects their personal style and tastes. Couples are taking a personalized approach to many aspects of their wedding reception, but perhaps none more so than with the dessert selections. While a traditional tiered wedding cake still makes a show-stopping centerpiece at a reception, many couples have begun to feature a unique dessert table as a fun alternative. Dessert tables, usually created with a selection of four to eight different dessert options, not only offer a delicious variety of sweets to the guests, but also provide a fun opportunity to incorporate the couple’s own taste and personality into the reception. At Sugar’s Baked Goods and Sweet Treats, we have worked with many couples who wish to include desserts from their cultural heritage or desserts that have made a special appearance during their relationship, such as a treat that they enjoyed together on their first date. Childhood favorites, such as cookies and milk, or popular trending desserts like donuts are also fun additions to a wedding dessert table! To maintain a bit of the traditional wedding element, several couples also choose to incorporate a small, special cutting cake into the dessert table display. By offering a variety of items, such as cupcakes, cheesecakes, bars, candies, cookies, or more, a couple is almost guaranteed to provide delicious treats that will satisfy every guest’s sweet tooth! Each guest can select the items they like and perhaps even sample something new. When displayed together, the collection of desserts adds a beautiful, and delectable, element to a wedding reception!”

Wedding Cakes by Taylor’d Cakes

“The traditional wedding cake has taken on many changes over the years. Gone are the days of the popular 4-5 tiered cake. Many found it hard to cut, it was hard to transport and often didn’t hold up for the duration of the evening. More often than not, now, we make a 4-tiered cake that is fake except for the top layer for the couple to cut into! Then couples use sheet cake or kitchen cake to serve to their guests. Kitchen cake is a tall cake that is still 4 layers and lays flat on a plate so it appears that it came from a big wedding cake! Rarely does a guest know that the displayed 5-tiered cake is fake as the frosting is real and the details are still beautifully constructed! At our bakery, this can save you some money too!”

Photo Credit: Energy Event Group

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