Trends: Signature Drinks

If you’re in the middle of wedding planning and suddenly you’re wondering how you can carry on many beloved wedding traditions but still make your wedding unique, this post is for you!

Creating signature drinks for your guests is a unique way to incorporate a glimpse of your personality, tell a part or your story, or integrate your wedding theme. You can decide as a couple on names or colors for the drink(s) you’d like to serve.

Here are a few tips to help choose something meaningful and unique for your big day:

1. Let it represent your story: Did you get engaged at a local winery? How about a wine slush drink. The “Mint-to-Be Mojito” would a fun and playful addition showing your love as a couple. Do you spend your summers camping and relaxing around a bonfire? Then you can serve a s’mores martini!


Smore Martini

2. His and Hers: This is a great chance to highlight both the bride and the groom! You can each simply choose your favorite drinks and offer “The Bride” and “The Groom”. If you would like to get a little creative you could serve “The Southern Belle” for a bride who hails from the South. A classic “Screwdriver” would be a good choice for a groom who has an interest in building or fixing cars. The options are endless with this theme as almost all drinks can be adapted and renamed to fit your idea.


Southern Belle

3. Match the color or theme: Fruity cocktails or berry sangrias boast bright and bold colors. These drinks could match your wedding colors and add another great pop of color on your big day. If you are having a rustic outdoor wedding, consider serving hard lemonade in mason jars. If your wedding day is an elegant, classy affair mix up a royal champagne cocktail for your guests.


Royal Champagne Punch

The options are endless and your guests will surely enjoy this unique touch to your wedding day.

Cheers to serving the best drinks yet!

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