Trends: Head table vs. Sweetheart table

There are many decisions you have to make throughout the wedding planning process. Upon deciding where your reception will take place then you will have to decide the layout of your reception. Will you have assigned seating? Will you have a buffet or plated meal? Where will the bride and groom sit? When it comes to the bride and groom there are a couple of variations you can choose. Though the head table is probably the more traditional route, the sweetheart table has it’s advantages as well!

Advantages of the head table:

  • The head table can be placed as a focal point to your room and decorations. It often provides a large, eye-catching visual and lovely back drop for your master of ceremonies and wedding party speeches
  • You’ll get to sit with your closest friends and family. There was a reason you chose your wedding party to stand up next to you, so it would continue to honor them to keep them right by your side throughout the reception
  • Your guests will feel more connected to you if you are immersed with other guests at the wedding. If you are surrounded by people and conversing with them they will feel as though they can approach you and mingle with you more throughout the night.
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Photo: Very Jane

Advantages of the sweetheart table:

  • The bride and groom rarely get any moments together on this busy day. This option may provide you with a few moments to be next to each alone and have a few minutes to talk to each other before you mingle with your guests.
  • Your wedding party can sit with their significant others, family or friends rather than being ‘on display’ at the center of the room
  • You’ll get a chance to mix and mingle with your guests as you won’t be seated with guests that you guests that you feel obligated to entertain


Photo: HHH Media

You can't go wrong with either of these choices. Ultimately, you need to decide what will work best and what you and your significant other prefer. Best wishes as you plan the best day of your life!
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