Trends: Caramel Apple Bar

As our wedding season has wrapped up, it’s time to recognize the end of summer! Though warm days, blooming flowers and beautiful weddings will be missed, we welcome the beauty of Fall! With Fall’s arrival there also many traditions that are enjoyable as well!

Pumpkin, caramel apples, pears, chili, hot cocoa and more all come to mind. Specifically, a caramel apple bar would be a fun addition to a harvest party or even a September or October wedding! Big juicy apples and endless toppings are sure to please everyone!

First the apples:

-Keep them whole and dip in caramel

-Cut them into slices and put them on sticks

-Sliver them, place on a plate and drizzle with dipping sauce, similar to nachos

-Cube them and serve using toothpicks (especially great for little ones!)


Yummy Life

Next for dipping:

-traditional caramel sauce

-peanut butter/nut butter


-marshmallow cream

-cream cheese pumpkin dip

-chocolate/white chocolate sauce


Yummy Life

Last the toppings:

-chopped nuts


-mini chocolate chips

-mini M&M’s

-Heath bits

-graham cracker crumbs

-mini marshmallows

-Butterfinger bits



Yummy Life

Enjoy this simple and sweet classic Fall treat!

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