Advice: Engagement Pictures with Greg&Larae Photography

We caught up with Greg of Greg &LaRae Photography to get some tips on the ins and outs of engagement photos. They are one of the experts in the field and have some excellent advice as you start planning your engagement photo session! Enjoy!

Penny Tree: Tell us about the kind of photos and photo shoots your business can do.

Greg & LaRae Photography is currently wedding and high school senior focused, but love the occasional family and child sitting.

PT: Speaking of engagement photos, why do you recommend a couple do this type of session?

I think an engagement session is paramount. It’s the best one-on-one opportunity you have to see if you jive with your photographer. If you don't... you still have time to locate another. It’s really important also, to be able to get a clear picture of their style. If you are not happy with your engagement photos, what makes you think you will be happy with your wedding photos? Getting to know and trust your photographer with one of thee most important and sensitive days is so important to us. Because of this we offer a free mini engagement session with any package purchased, as well as a free 11x14 Metallic Endure Embassy textured print that is mounted and ready to frame to show the quality of our service.


PT: When do you recommend an engaged couple have these done?

I believe there isn't a wrong time to have your engagement session taken. We have done them a year out, a week before and even several months after the wedding date for various reasons. I would first look at what your intentions and goals are with your images. Is it something you want just for the two of you to share or do you want the images for your "Save the Dates"?

PT: Do you have any recommendations or tips that would make the session enjoyable and go smoothly for the future bride and groom?

I love it when my clients bring props. It can me a small sign, a knickknack, or something made by them that is personal to them. Sometimes it is the family hot rod, Model T, or a motorcycle, but either way... it adds such a personal touch to the images that I believe enrich them with character. Also, be flexible, we live in South Dakota and the wind likes to blow and is a session killer. We can shoot in bright sun, the shade, or even in the rain, but the wind will put the kibosh to anyone with long hair.


PT: What is one of your favorite engagement sessions?

Boy this is a tough one... I cannot say that I have a favorite and this goes for weddings too. I find something that inspires me from every shoot as I explore something new with each set of clients and new locations and play with lighting. If I wasn't inspired by each couple’s story and charisma on camera, I think I would find something else to do with my time.

PT: Any other information you'd like engaged couples to know?

Have fun and don't rush. It’s better to be late for your session than to be stressed, as you will bring that energy into the shoot. If you need to relax, lets grab a beer beforehand. It’s all about having fun and enjoying each other and that’s what we want to capture in the camera.


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